Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday Run Day

It was a fun day for the family at our local state park. Our dear friend Mark was in town and decided to join us for a fun run along the waters off Benicia. When we reached the end we spent time chopping it up and talking about life, family, parenting and the good ol' days. It's so nice to have friends in your life where you just pick up where you left off. Even though we are MUCH older - we still crack up about the craziest nonsense. My son asked Uncle Mark how long he and Junior have been friends -  it has been over 25 years. Wow. They are so old. ;)

 Relieved to have reached the end
 Life long friends
 Lucas with his uncle and dad
 Never a dull moment
Heading back but first a selfie

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Land's End

It was a beautiful Sunday when my friends and I ventured out to San Francisco to try out a coastal hike called Land's End. Worried that the weather would not hold up, we layered up. Turned out to be a gorgeous day by the Bay where we were welcomed with blue skies and mild weather. The hike winds its way along the coast beginning near the Cliff House and ends in the  high-end neighborhood of El Camino Del Mar. 

 Had to capture this as soon as we arrived - it was a breathtaking view!
 The Sutro Baths
 The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge from a different vantage point
 The labyrinth off the Land's End trail - a very cool man-made site. 
 Jackie practicing her spidey skills
 Jumping pictures are just fun
 We live in an amazing place
 The hike includes gently rolling hills that run along and near the ocean. 
The best way to finish off a brisk hike - Off the Grid at the Presidio. We enjoyed a variety of food that included kebabs, fresh berries, shawarmas, falafels and banh mi. Yum!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Date Nights

I'm so glad that my husband and I have been making it more of a priority to have dates. As the kids have gotten older, its been nice to be able to get away for a few hours and just be adults. My parents, who so graciously watch my kids, have no idea what a lifesaver its been. I think back to when we were younger parents and just trying to stay afloat with the small kids. Life with small kids is a tough job that feels never ending. Everything revolves around them. And when you get a moment to be an adult, all you want to do is veg out or sleep. At least that's all we wanted to do! Forget conversations! Forget romance!

But we've finally reached a different season of our life. Our boys still need us to some extent, but not for their every need. And they actually are excited when mom and dad leave so they can explore and do their own thing. Junior and I are able to get away, enjoy a nice time out and have really good conversations about life. We talk, we laugh and we remember why were good for each other. It's been a good season of rediscovery for both of us. We are parents, for sure, but we are also partners in life and to transition from one season of life to this new one, we are both better for it. We are thankful for all of life's experiences because we know God has used them to make and mold us. 

All this to say, have date nights. They're good for you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moving On Up

This week's leg workout went really well. I hit another PR (personal record) of 285 lbs for 3 reps. I had been working for the last few weeks on increasing my reps at 275 lbs. I've been able to consistently hit 5-7 reps at 275  lbs. And since I felt particularly strong, I thought it would be a good day to test out a heavier weight. I was happy with the three reps and will work on increasing reps at that weight. The only drawback to all this heavy weight, is this ugly scar-like mark on my upper back that won't go away because every week the bar sits there and the weight gets heavier. My clothes usually mask it, but you definitely see it when I'm not wearing workout clothes and my hair is pulled up. Ugh. 

But, related to the quote above, healthy is definitely an outfit that looks different on every body. We all want to be healthy but our results will all look different as we transform. We shouldn't aim to look like someone else. Be inspired yes, but not duplicate. As my body has changed over the year, I am probably more happy with what has transpired than what I thought I wanted. And I certainly had no say as to where the fat would go away. I just wanted it all to go away. And in its own good time most of it has gone away or been changed to muscle. But I couldn't will my hips to get smaller or will my thighs to get tighter or my abs to show up. It just happened gradually as I consistently worked on myself.  So, aim for your best. It will definitely look different from someone else's healthy, but it will be the very best version of you. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Mom's 70th Birthday Bash

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating my mom. She's been the rock of our family. Always so generous and giving. She is the life of the party and it was no different at her 70th birthday bash. Along with family and friends, we celebrated at a local restaurant where we feasted on my mom's favorite food. What made it even sweeter was having all her siblings there. My mom and others shed a tear as it had been years since they've all been able to gather as a family. It was a joyous occasion on so many levels. We had the honor of even having my cousin Nikko there, who isn't always able to come out to family functions because of the difficulties of transport and such. It was a wonderful event that we enjoyed heartily. We know these times are rare, so we make the most of them. Happy birthday Mom!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gerilie and Noel's Fabulous Wedding

Where: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery
When: April 30, 2016

 Name card and the sweet s'more favor
 Table number and gorgeous flower centerpiece
 The boys enjoying their gifts from the bride and groom
 Sisterly and brotherly love
 Sponsors for the wedding: Mom and Dad
 Cheers from my sister and I
 Cousins Cathy and Meg join the fun
 Cousins unite for a drinking fest
 Classic Allison
 Eddie, Hammy and Junior enjoying the good vibes
 Our family loves group photos
 The bride and her brother doing the money dance
Me and my other half enjoying the beautiful garden at Casa Real

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Strong Strong Friends

I like hitting my PRs (personal record) on my squats, but I love being able to help the ladies at the Bootcamp make their PRs, too. It's really rewarding to help someone meet their goals and be a part of their journey as they improve their form and increase their weight slowly each week. They put in the work every week and it doesn't surprise me when they can squat their body weight or in some cases double their body weight. They've earned it through hard work and consistency.
This is my dear friend Willi. She has improved immensely. She use to lean forward so much and could barely hit depth. She use to die with one plate. Now she's able to squat nearly 200lbs, rarely leans forwards and hits depth consistently. 
This is Adriana. She's been dealing with a nagging knee injury for some time, but it doesn't stop her from getting her squats on. She has increased slowly over the past few weeks with the goal of hitting two plates (225lbs). She's extremely strong, but she's also mindful. It's great to hit heavy weights, but you have to be smart about what you can physically handle. Adriana is aware of her limitations, but she never lets them determine her outcome. Each week she challenges herself and amazes us all.  

Gym Swag

Thankful for dear friends who surprised me with this lot of workout clothes. Totally unexpected but absolutely appreciated. Just more stuff to add to my "work clothing". Love them all!