Sunday, September 11, 2016

Champagne Tasting in Sonoma

Off to Sonoma for some champagne tasting. What a fun ride up with these gals. And the chauffeur wasn't so bad either.

The grounds of the Gloria Ferrer Winery are so beautiful. 

We had the privilege of trying their 30th Anniversary champagne. It was yummy.

We had a fun time getting all gussied up. We are usually sweaty and in workout clothes when we see each other. 

A few of the varieties we were able to try. We had to pace ourselves!

These two discovered they were birthday twins. We'll drink to that!

Junior's favorite champagne.

The grounds were so nice - we couldn't stop taking pictures.

Jackie and I in between champagne tastings and before my Asian flush.

We ended our day with dinner and dessert at R+D Kitchen. Always a satisfying meal.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Ferrer Boys

Husband: Currently enjoying a balance life of work and fitness.  Spending his free time on the greens playing golf, taking a nap here and there and pondering whether he should upgrade to the new iPhone 7. 

 Lucas: Or should I say Luke? Cause that's what he wants to be called these days. Making friends online while playing Minecraft. Tickling his brother to the verge of death. Making me cry from laughter because this boy has the funniest facial expressions.

Ronin: My walking encyclopedia about all things random. Loves him some Sac's Tasty Hot Dogs and  Panda (Panda!) snacks. Was floored when he discovered that volcanoes created the islands of Hawaii and is now thoroughly freaked out that we live along the Pacific Ocean's Ring of Fire (We are going to die Mom!) Has one of the most genuine smiles I know. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Element of Surprise

 I've done plenty of surprises in my life. And for some reason, they don't always go as planned. Something always manages to go wrong. But let me tell you, this surprise was PERFECT.  So allow me to share with you how well this went. 
That face. Does it not speak for itself?
When the surprisee realizes he's been duped. And the surpriser is giddy because success!
The surprisee is still in shock but manages to put on a brave face, because he still has no idea what's happening. 
So much going through his head. Why? How? When? What?
And then it's revealed. Emotions run high and the moment begins to sink in. 
And even now when all has been said and done there is still an element of shock and awe because the surprisee still can't believe what has just happened and none of it has really sunk in. 

Give the man a moment. 

This was a perfect surprise.

Boys Day at the Giants Game

While I was home sick nursing a bad cold, my boys spent a gorgeous day in the city at a Giants game. I love that we have wonderful family and friends who allow our family to attend these games. I can't say we've every actually paid for a game - for which we are super thankful. But don't worry, we'll do you a solid and buy you a meal or a nice cold one at the game. Go Giants!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kat's Stinky Birthday

We spent a fun evening in the city last weekend celebrating our dear friend Kat's birthday. She wanted to have dinner at the Stinking Rose in North Beach. I'd never been, but always heard great things about the place. And you can't go wrong with garlic. Well, I guess you can, I mean, you will stink. But since there was ten of us, there's no way we could tell who was the stinkiest. Plus the food was so delicious you kind of just throw caution to the wind and dive right into the garlic-fest. 

 Elaine, Jean, Me and Kat right before we were seated 
 Kat and her sweet husband Jon
 These clowns: Jayson and Junior
 The other clowns: Jon and Billy
 I'd like to believe we embodied more of the "rose" rather than the "stinking"
 The birthday garlic girl
 At the Tonga Room where they are known for their strong drinks
VIP status at the Tonga Room

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Birthday Lounge Fun

A few weeks back we celebrated Junior and Jackie's birthdays by visiting a couple of lounges in Yountville. We first stopped by Bottega where we literally ordered every appetizer and drinks. The server thought it was funny but we were totally serious. It was a warm summer night as we ate, drank and laughed. The girls and I discussed our plans to visit Las Vegas later this year and the men talked sports. 

We finished the night off with more drinks and sandwiches at R+D Kitchen. The celebrants enjoyed the time and we pretty much closed down the restaurant. 

 The sisters and the birthday boy
 Pretty ladies: Willi and Jackie
 All of us: Jackie, RJ, Willi, Jen, Me and Renneeh
The guys: Junior, Troy and Bernard

SUDACircuit Team Hike at Muir Woods

 A gorgeous morning at Muir Woods. It was breathtaking. 
 The gals and I before we begin the hike. It would be a nearly 2 and a half hour hike through the woods. Our Fitbits were very happy with us!
 The team at the Visitor Center.
 Because sometimes walking forward is just too boring.
 We didn't forget to look up and take in the amazing views.
I can appreciate why John Muir thought this was worth saving.

Birthday Dinner at Cole's Chop House

I know I've written multiple times on Cole's Chop House on this blog, so I won't go into much detail about the place. We don't go here often anymore - I think that last time was 3 years ago. So it was a treat to be back for my husband's birthday and this time we brought along some friends. 

 Friends for life: Jayson and Junior
 A sweet couple: Elaine and Jayson
 Me and the birthday boy
 Our feast. We almost requested a bigger table. 
 His favorite dessert: brownie and caramel ice cream
 Our favorite server and friend: Yanic
Ladies of the evening. We had as much fun (if not more) than the birthday boy.